मनःपर्याय ज्ञान

क्या सभी भावलिंगी मुनिराज को मनःपर्याय ज्ञान होता है?


Not at all.

All bhaavlingi munis don’t have manah paryay gyaan as manah paryay gyaan is a vishisht gyaan only possessed by very rare munis & is quite harder to acquire than avadhigyaan.

Another fact is that some munis might have “Saral manah paryay gyaan” which can be used to understand the mannovritti of simple and straightforward souls.

However very few have the knowledge of “kutil manah paryay gyaan” which can be used to understand the mannovritti of cunning & sly souls since that type of manah paryay gyaan is harder to get.

Lastly, Manah Paryay gyaan can only be possessed by those bhaavlingi munis whose bhaav ved is Purush(male) ved only.

Therefore you can rule out bhaavlingi munis having stri(female) or napunsak(bisexual) bhaav ved of having manah paryay gyaan as scriptures say that it isn’t possible for them in that bhaav ved.


Is this referring to ऋजुमति and विपुलमति (as found in Tattvārtha Sūtra, 1.23) ?


Any source for this information?

Yes. Thanks I couldn’t remember the exact words.:+1:

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I have understood this from various muni maharaj in Acharya shri vidyasagarji maharaj sangh hence I will ask them and provide the source here then.


I didn’t get it, does it mean that female can have bhaavling ?
Or Napunsak can have bhavling ?
Pls clear

In perspective of Bhaav ved that is bhaav striling and bhaav napunsak ved it can be.


@Labdhi_Shahजी इसमे नपुंसक की बात है स्त्री भाव वेद की बात नही। as per my info, it can be only from purush or napunsak bhav ved

@Vishal_Doshi Where this is mentioned ?? In which granth we can find about ved

Bhav dipika ji
Pg- 89-90