People also know Mahavira as a great mathematician


Sorry the person was someone else and not our 24th Tirthankar.


Nice info…

Just wondering from where did they manage to locate Mahāvīra at 850 A.D. It’s fine if it’s B.C. but seems difficult to infer that as the dates of all the other scholars are in A.D.


Sorry, I didn’t notice that. Actually, I didn’t know what B.C. and A.D. actually mean till now. But just learned about them.

Even if it would have been B.C., It wouldn’t make sense.
Maybe it was somebody else named “Mahavira” which historians mistook as our 24th Tirthankar, or maybe the Mahavira would have been a Jain too, but not our 24th Tirthankar.


Yes, they are not talking about our 24th Teerthankar Mahavira. There happened to be a different 9th Century Mathematician named Mahavira.
And yes, he was Jain.

Here’s the wikipedia link for more info :
Mahavira : Mathematician


@Sowmay @jinesh @Aniteshj
I have deleted the answer as the person was someone else whom I thought as Lord Mahavira.
Sorry for giving you wrong information unintentionally.