How to best spend the time on Jinswara forum?


How to best spend the time on Jinswara forum?

Recently I got into the habit of reciting paths (पाठ) and trying to learn them. Hence for now my personal best.
Please list down only one way of how you best spend your time on forum. They may be similar or different. This way everyone would get to learn new things about forum.

In other words, what are the means/ways by which you spend time on forum? State one of them.

The categorisation of whole matter as per Anuyog has really made JinSwara Forum very helpful. I usually choose those questions to read which provide new knowledge to me. It is really great to witness how people have such a great curiosity in Jainism.


There are many general questions which I was unable to discuss with or get proper answer with reasons I get that here. And also I haven’t read many shastra so questions answers helps me to have better understanding of words and questions


The instantly resolution of my queries and gaining of knowledge has helped me a lot and hence my swadhyay has increased due to that.


Since I am out now, I can read the Bhakti/Path of my own choice without running here and there for the granth. Also, while doing swadhyay, whenever a question arises in my mind, I can post it and have a discussion with experts. In this way, the query is solved immediately while reading the granth instead of waiting to meet some expert in person and ask.


Thank you for asking this question. It’s a very helpful question.
As an admin, I keep adding more bhakti, paths on forum I come across during my daily life. Other people can also contribute in this way.
As a person, I recite paths while I commute to/from office from forum. Sometimes I also listen to bhajans of my choice at times I feel like listening to music. Because bhajans = music + spirituality + peace for me.
Also, forum has some interesting set of threads which I read sometimes. Besides this, I can always ask question related to the difficulties I encounter during my personal swadhyay. Like-


Jinswara really follows the saying यथा नाम तथा गुण. The best thing which makes my time here is the caption at the end which says ‘*Suggested topics’.
Thanks to this, I travel from various different questions and answers and it helps in gaining of knowledge and increases understanding on various Jainism topics.


I enjoy writing on the forum.

  • The quote feature is indeed amazing. You never get lost in a thread. I try to use it wherever possible.
  • Hyperlink - this helps me to insert links for PDFs when I cite a reference from a scripture or an online source.
  • Blockquote is another way of highlighting a reference. It is better to use this instead of a screenshot though it takes more time to type the text.
  • Colours can also be useful but it would require some background work.
  • And I hardly forget to justify the text.

However, these things do not matter much and are secondary. The thing which I enjoy the most is swadhyay and doing some research in order to write an answer. It’s a wonderful experience.

Thanks for raising this question and, of course, can never fail to thank the team for coming up with such a beautiful platform.
Banners providing some new learning everyday, has also gained my liking. New innovative features of our Forum are so nice.

I go through the questions which are new for me. Everyone give there views and reference on a topic, which make it very easy to understand.
Also , bhakti and path section is very good.