English version of Books

Jai Jinendra,

Wondering where I can find the English version of the following books:

Agam Pravesh Bhag 1
Agam Pravesh Bhag 2
Agam Pravesh Bhag 3
Ram Kahani
Barah Bhavana - Ek Anushilan


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Chahdhala English version: http://www.vitragvani.com/uploads/pdfs/B/Chhadhhala_Eng_Sachitra.pdf

On Barah bhavna-ek anusilan, we have a class everyday. You can join our whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/6zlnHt8jiFRAgHCaF55NQH

Thread for the class: बारह भावना- एक अनुशीलन


Thanks Divya!

I have some Hindi version of books that needed English translation. Wondering what would be the best way of doing this translation? Please advise.


Using Google’s translator can help upto some extent but I will not recommend it for full translation because of its lack to understand the meaning of the sentence (bhav).
There is no direct way in which a Hindi book can be converted to English correctly. Manual intervention of human who understands both languages is needed.
So, someone has to read the book thoroughly and translate it into English without making any changes in the meaning of the sentences.

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