Code of Conduct - Please avoid personal attacks!


JinSwara membership is growing by the day. We are no longer the small close-knit community where everyone knows everyone else.

As a community, we have always wanted to promote a culture of generosity (sharing openly) and a culture of value-addition to each other and the community - by way of active collaboration. We believe each contribution is important - from the novice’s questions to the learner’s inputs/pointed queries to the seasoned sadharmi’s refined interpretations. We need all - one is not complete/not useful without the other.

Naturally we expect all discussion and exchange to be cordial. There is space for disagreements and viewpoints coming from extreme ends, why else do we need discussions! BUT there is no space for personal attacks, uncivil remarks. Flaunting/pointing to one’s achievements or the other’s mistakes is also actively discouraged.

Let’s keep it this way. Thanks for continued vigilance from Team JinSwara.

There is no place for “Arrogance” in a high-quality collaborative community like ours. Let us encourage and respect “Humility” in all our exchanges.

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