Why we should not eat green peas at night?

As per Jainism, one should not eat/drink anything at night.

But still many people take fruits instead of अन्न. If fruits are permissible (अपवाद मार्ग) than why not green peas?

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We should not in anyway promote to eat anything at night… as there is no distinction as to what can and what cannot be eaten at night as per aagam.
This falahari concept is being borrowed from other ritualistic religions into jains… not being originally present…

And regarding the difference between fruits and vegitables, fruits are considered to be preferable to vegetables in terms of comparison of their life span they have lived before being plucked… fruits living more of their life in comparison to vegetables. This arguement may not hold good while comparing vegetables and अन्न…

In case of peas, the same green peas when dries up becomes अन्न which puts them in the line of pulses… this may be the reason for their special treatment


As @Sulabh has already mentioned in the last paragraph of his answer, peas after drying comes in the category of pulse. Therefore, peas is considered as अन्न हरी. Similar is the case with sweet corn.

And fruits can be eaten without processing, so it is preferred to be eaten at night, if required, otherwise you should avoid eating anything at night.