Why Vedaniya karma is put under Aghati type of Karma?

How and Why someone experience pleasant and unpleasant experience after shedding all his ghati karmas?

Please explain…

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After shedding 4 ghatiya karmas, the body is still there. Since body is there, 5 senses are also there. So touch sense is also there, as skin is there. So vedniya is put under Aghati type of karmas.

If I wrote anything wrong unintentionally, please do correct me.

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Your answer is very apt that since soul is still attached with his body, he can feel pain/pleasure if he wish to but I guess he must not be giving any attention to those sensations of body after shedding all ghati karmas.

So, sensation of pain and pleasure is just a perception that it is happening to us but if one chooses to keep his attention towards soul, he may very well not notice that pain in the body. Example we dont feel hungry when we are in danger… haha or before any exam… our attention shifts from pain to more important life threatening situation( from sanar apeksha) haha.
It is just the autopilot mode of body that want to care for perceiving threats in the environment and if one is aware enough no can harm his internal qualities of soul he will perhaps dont care for any trouble outside.
May we attain that level of bliss one day.
Jai Jinenedra :rainbow:


वेदनीय कर्म यद्यपि घाती है परन्तु क्रम में उसे सबसे अन्तिम में अघाती कर्म के साथ ररवा है,क्योकि अन्तराय का काम है विध्न डालना , सामग्री जो मिलती हैं वह अघाती कर्म के उदय से मिलती है ,उसमें यह कर्म विध्न ङालता है अतः इसे अघाती कर्मो के साथ ररवा परन्तु वो घाती का ही भेद है।


वेदनिए कर्म के अभाव में अव्यबाद सुख प्रकट होता है।
Avyabadh सुख अनुजीवी गुण नहीं है।यानी इसका अंश सब जीवों में नहीं पाया जाता।जीव में सुख गुण का अंश पाया जाता है।और जो अनुजिवी गुणों का घात ना करे वे अघाती कर्म होते हैं।
Source- gommatsar karmkand vivechika by aadarniya kalpna didi