Who is the biggest villain in our life?

Jai Jinendra to all.

We all know Gabbarsingh was villain in Sholay, Ravan in Ramayana, Kavravas in Mahabharat. But who is villain in our lives? Bad company, bad parents, bad teachings etc? What if we do not have these issues in life but have good company, good parents and access to good teachings like Jainism. Do I still have problem in life? If I am reading Jainism scriptures yet I am unhappy, who is making me unhappy? Is it the external factors or internal factors? Does it mean I have not understood the essence of Jainism? What am I missing?
If anyone who has such feeling should read Moksha Marg Prakaskah by Pandit Todarmalji. My personal understanding is biggest and only villain in our life is ‘mithyatva’. Because as I Jain, if I am going to temple, doing pooja, fasting and practising other vows, it does not mean ‘mithyatva’ has broken.If I still thinks Jinendra bhagwan will give me blessing and make my life better, then how will ‘mithyatva’ be broken and defeated?


The only villain in anybody life is his/her karma. The company, parents or teachers are just because of his past karmas of previous births as well as present birth.

Nobody is there in 3 lok who is not having any problem. You think it is happiness in pleasing our 5 senses, but it is not real happiness.

The “Sansara bhavna” in the “Barah Bhavna” says,
दाम बिना निर्धन दुखी, तृष्णा वशधनवान।
कहूँ न सुख संसार में, सब जग देख्यो छान॥

explanation: the poor is unhappy as he is not having enough money to fulfill his livelihood, whereas the rich is unhappy because of his desires to earn more. There is nowhere happiness in the world, I have searched everywhere.

The unhappiness can be of 2 types, one related to needs and desires, other can be because you are feed up of taking births and have no desire to reborn or live more in this world. First, you need to tell which types of unhappiness do you have?

You can also say that the villain is “mithyatva”. If mithyatva is there, it is also because of the karmas.

You first need to understand what is “mithyatva”. Mithya darshan is having wrong beliefs like even having faith in other devi devtas who are not liberated or attained Salvation(Moksh).

I think you need to do “Swadhyaye” in order to break your Mithyatva.

No, it won’t be broken. You need to correct yourself. It is your karmas that would make your life better. Jinendra bhagwan cannot make your life better. But faith in Jinendra Bhagwan can make your life better.

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i agree with you..