Where to purchase Jain spices

Is there a place where we can purchase Jain spices like Chole, Rajma, Jeeravan masala etc.? Most of the packaged spices from industry brands (like Everest) have at least ginger (if not garlic) in them and I don’t want that.

EDIT: I understand that packaged food itself is not Jain and shoudn’t be consumed. But I’m trying to take one step at a time hence asking for help. In general, I would like to know of a place which distributes such food items. Maybe a place associated with a Digambar Jain temple or something similar.

हमारे दिल्ली शहर के चाँदनी चौक नगर में आप ये सब चीज़े शुद्ध प्राप्त कर सकतें हैं। वहाँ मर्यादित सामग्रियाँ मिलतीं हैं, जो स्वयं भी सही जगह से मंगाई जाती हैं।