What should be used as a mosquito repellent?


Should we use all-out or mortein available in markets as mosquito repellent?

Do they kill mosquitos? If they can’t be used, then what can be used instead of it?



As per many of the advertisements shown in the television, mosquitoes do die if mortein or just mosquito repellent are used. I searched on the internet and found this -

Its job is to repel mosquitoes, but in higher concentrations of its smoke, it paralyses the mosquito and ultimately kills it. Mosquito coils were typically made from a dried paste of pyrethrum powder but now a days, they’re made of synthetically produced Pyrethrin.

We being jain should not take any risk in terms of violence. So I think it’s better to not use any such repellent.
The best thing to use is mosquito net (saying it by my personal experience).



Cover yourself from a blanket.
Secondly you can close all your windows by 6:00 in evening and then open them at 10:00 at night because this is the time when most mosquitoes find their temporary stay(as I have observed)



I have read somewhere instead of mortin or such equipment you can use “kapoor” in your home. Its smell makes mosquitoes away.

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Make fan fast is ultimately make “jeevhinsha”



Yes, it is jeev hinsa but if on a regular day you freely use fan at full speed then I don’t think there is any difference. But if you do not use Fan at high speed at all then there is always a second option. :slight_smile: still since the question talks in minute details I’ll edit that part. :smile:



Cut a lemon in half. Insert 7-8 cloves in the half lemon and keep it in the corner of the room. I have heard this helps. Do try and let us know as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cleanliness in your home and surroundings is also a solution many a times…:grimacing::grimacing:



If you have the luxury of a balcony, you can do samvar with the aid of a mosquito net, enjoy Nature’s breeze too … natural



मक्षर भागने के अहिंसक उपाए :-
• कमरे में एक दीपक कपूर और नीम के तेल का जलाने से।
•कपूर और नीम के तेल के छीटे एक तेज पान के पत्ते पर डाल कर जलाने से 10 ,15 min. में ही मच्छर चले जाते हैं। और यह धुआँ अस्थमा और माइग्रेन भी सही होता है।



आप इसको अहिंसक नहीं कह सकते, अग्नि से हिंसा तो होगी ही। अगर कोई त्रस जीव दीपक पर आ जाये तो त्रस की हिंसा होगी। नहीं भी आये तो भी अग्नि काय जीव की हिंसा तो होगी ही।

एक और उपाय करने की कोशिश कर सकते है, बिना ढके स्थान पर एक पतली परत तेल की लगा सकते है। गर्मी में नारियल का तेल लगा सकते है, वो शीतलता प्रदान करता है।

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It doesn’t work tried already :grin:

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I have tried this, and it does work. The thing is that they are unable to sit on the body as it is now moist. They can sting after the oil is completely absorbed by the body, but then also the bitten pain is very less.