Use of dried Ginger (Soonth) and Turmeric powder

Why is it that as Jains we can consume Soonth and Hardar/Haldi? I watched a few videos of process for making Soonth at home and it involved chopping fresh Ginger, and then letting the chopped ginger dry. Is this the common process. I always assumed that the whole ginger would be left to dry before making it into powder, such that no chopping of fresh ginger would be required. If such chopping is part of the process, I am confused as to how that can be considered Jain.


That’s the wrong way of making Saunth/soonth i.e.dry ginger. The correct process is to let it dry completely without making any single piece.

That’s why we do not consume dry potato, onion or any other tuberous root that cannot be dried as a whole.


I agree with this.

Sorry, I may be wrong but I don’t agree on this. Even drying things like ginger etc incurs hinsa(violence). But since they have high medicinal properties it is acceptable by people. I don’t know whether if it is also acceptable by Agam. If we can even leave eating those, it would be best. But even if it would have been possible to dry a potato as a whole and if we dry and eat it, it won’t be acceptable.


In that case, every household work incurs hinsa, boiling filtered water also incurs violence, cooking a vegetable (other than tuberous) also involves violence, but yes, the amount of sthavar jeev (one sensed beings) in tuberous roots are much much higher than in other vegetables.

The thing is we cannot dry potato and other vegetable as a whole, that is why no reference for the same is available. If you consider your point, then even garlic has high medicinal properties, but again, it cannot be dried without peeling it in parts.


Yes I do agree that Shravks cannot competely eliminate hinsa. But they can minimize hinsa to the point they can be alive.

It is not only more, it is infinitely times more. Also the jeevs are anek kaya (having one body and many souls.).

All the roots have infinite lives and anek kaya, but eating a garlic or onion is more bad than eating a potato. The reason being onion and garlic, beside being root are also tamsic. Eating this kind of food, increases wrong qualities in ourselves like anger, pride, lust etc.


@Mitali_Jain Please do check this:
and/or this


If someone thinks he/she can be absolute non violent…this will clear the concept.


Grahst can’t be absolute non violent, not even munis.
Only Arihants and Siddhs can be completely non violent.

Jainism is much ahead of science, according to science there are 36450 microorganisms in a single drop of unfiltered water. But according to Jainism, there are infinite microorganisms in a single drop of even filtered water. Actually these are beings whose body is water only (ekindriya, stavar jeev) while 36450 jeevs were tras jeevs(having 2-5 senses). Science don’t have ability to detect these Stavar jeevs. They can only leave the water after we boil water, i.e. after they will die.

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जो देखने मे भी कठिन लग रहा है इसा पानी हम हररोज़ पीते है। :unamused:

  1. It improves digestion, used in bloating, colic pain, acidity - add it in vegetables, in buttermilk or have it with amla powder.
  2. Relives swelling, pain in joints, stiffness, rheumatoid arthritis - consume it, massage with til oil + shunthi.
  3. It is good for your heart.