Use of Cowdung (गोबर) and Urine (गोमूत्र)

Cowdung (गोबर) and Urine (गोमूत्र) of a देसी गाय have been used widely by Ayurveda as पंचगव्य and is said to cure many diseases. The use of these have also been suggested in natural-based skin-care like soaps. But according to चरणानुयोग, should we use these two?

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Nope, these are abhakshya

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Technically, they come under abhakṣya but then one also needs to look into where we stand and whether one has consciously made the decision to not consume other grosser levels of abhakṣya like the allopathy medicines.
I can surely say that the gomūtra and the cow-dung is any day a lesser abhakṣya as compared to vaccines and pills of the modern medicine (allopathy).