जिनधर्म आधारित वास्तु शास्त्र

क्या वास्तु शास्त्र का वर्णन जैन धर्म में है? एवम जैन धर्म में दिशायो का क्या महत्त्व है?


Veer Sagar Ji talked about it on his series of pravachan on Jain Jyotish. He mentioned that the vastu shastra is not related to any religion rather it is a common shastra just like maths, chemistry, physics etc. Vastu simply means the study about earth. Even ancient people were using it to find out the mines of coal, oil, gemstones etc. He believes that one can also predict an earthquake by using it. But modern day Vastu shastra is modified and the real shastra might have lost, so we can’t believe on something which is not authentic.

Sumat prakash ji relates vastu shastra with the practise of ahinsa. Eg- Kitchen countertop should not made up of dark color stones (bcoz on dark stones insects are not easily visible) etc.