उदम्बर फलों की पहिचान कैसे हो?

यदि प्रतिज्ञा पूर्वक उदम्बर फलों का त्याग करना हो, तो उदम्बर फल की पहचान कैसे करेंगे ?

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  • Udumbara or Gular or Cluster Fig:

  • Katumara or Kathal or Jack Fruit:

  • Pakar or Anjeer or Fig:

  • Bad or Bargad or Banyan:

  • Peepal or Bodhi tree fruit:

One common thing you will notice here is that these fruits are multi-seeded and grow in clusters.

Watch this video to know how a fig pollinates and you’re actually eating dead wasps:


Thanks a lot ! one more question - Does Long pepper (पिप्पली) and Peepal are the same thing? bcoz Long pepper is used in many of the Ayurvedic kwaths

Would you consider Jack fruit as Udumbar phal?

I don’t know much but I assume long pepper is different from peepal.
Long pepper tree:

Peepal tree:

Yes, Jackfruit is non-edible. It is known as Katahal/katumar in Hindi.


Ok, thanks for the reply.
It is not having small seeds, so I thought it won’t come under this.

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