आत्मघात या हत्या

आत्मघात बड़ा दोष होता है या किसी की हत्या??


Both are equal examples of grave sins however the graveness of the same depends upon various factors -

  1. Suicide is always of ones own body and the body is a 5 sensed organism therefore suicide will amount to killing of a 5 sensed organism. The soul is usually engrossed in intense arthadhyaan and raudradhyaan which is why the amount of bondage of sinful karma to the soul might be huge but depends upon case to case basis.

  2. Killing can be of any organism from 1 to 5 sensed with killing of 1 sensed organism being the least sinful and killing of 5 sensed organism being the most sinful. Assuming for the sake of the example that a 5 sensed human is being killed then this almost always involves intense raudradhyaan but this also depends upon case to case basis because situations & circumstances might force you to kill somebody even if you don’t want to. For example : A person killing another person just so that he doesn’t suffer anymore from bodily diseases is not exactly intense raudradhyaan so it wouldn’t lead to bondage of as much sins if compared to a violent soldier killing thousands in battle without a second thought.

So generally both seem to be equally sinful however things depend on various external and internal factors.

यहाँ सिर्फ पंचेन्द्रिय की बात करे तो अन्य किसी मनुष्य को या पंचेन्द्रिय तिर्यंच को मारने में ज्यादा दोष लगेगा (पंचेन्द्रिय तिर्यंच भी आत्मघात करते है) या मैं आत्मघात करू तो ज्यादा दोष लगेगा ??

This again will depend upon a variety of factors like I said earlier. These kind of questions don’t have any specific answer.