देश चारित्र और सकल चारित्र में क्या अंतर है?

Please try to explain in reference to प्रस्तावना of मोक्ष मार्ग प्रकाशक जी । see the chart


Some more information



I think you’re referring this chart in MMP Prastavna.

The difference is clearly visible. In देश चारित्र, they talked about बारह व्रत and in सकल चारित्र, they talked about 28 मूलगुण.

Or do you have any specific query regarding this classification?


Why did suddhopyog not covered under देश चारित्र

शुद्धोपयोग की मुख्यता मुनियों को होती हैं। निचली भूमिका में interval and intensity comparatively कम होती हैं। मुख्यता की अपेक्षा लिया हैं।

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I think all the above answers are speaking about देश्व्रत / देशसंयम and सकल व्रत / सकल संयम instead of देश चारित्र and सकल चारित्र…

Read the first 3 lines by pt ji saab…

page number 325 MMP

As asked by @DEEPESH_JAIN शुद्धोपयोग has to be covered in this topic… it is the main content of charitt…
We can change शुद्धोपयोग with शुद्धपरिणति for more definite meaning.