जिनधर्म में ब्लैक होल विषय के सम्बन्ध में

करणानुयोग के अनुसार ब्लैक होल का concept कैसे समझा जा सकता है?
कृपया ग्रंथाधार प्रदान करें।


I don’t have any specialization in Karnanuyog but I have been reading about black holes and the entire universe and how galaxies function.

So I would recommend that one can also watch some relevant educational YouTube videos as to how modern science understands & defines the concept of black holes.

There is a book known as “The theory of everything” written by the famous scientist Sir Stephen Hawking. Since he was rather smart at all this hence it’s better to at least know what he thinks of it.

Now from what I have learnt about black holes -

  1. They are invisible.
  2. They are located always at the center point of various galaxies.
  3. Stars, Planets and other astronomical objects always rotate and revolve around the Black hole.
  4. There are also those black holes which are established as the center point of multiple galaxies and hence multiple galaxies revolve around them.
  5. Many black holes are 100x times more bigger than the sun of our Earth.
  6. They have a huge gravitational pull such that they can suck everything into them and all of it will vanish.

After knowing all this, they do seem to behave just like the Sumeru mountain not completely but in the sense that astronomical demigods revolve around the Sumeru mountain and astronomical objects revolve around the Black holes.


They work like say Sumeru mountain, but what are they really? A vacuum that sucks everything closer to it? Then where do those things go?

They can’t be destroyed coz of “Astitva gun” but they must go somewhere at least.

Aagam praman would be great, if there is.


I don’t think there is any scriptural reference regarding the existence of any black-hole kind substance in Jainism. The comparision of Sumeru with black-hole is very off-cited. “A big gravitational hole that sucks everything in” ― never ever heard any karnanuyog vidwaan talking about such thing. There are lot of facts which contradict with our knowledge of Jainism, I guess this is just an another add-on to that list.


My only comparison of the Sumeru to the Black hole was that just like all the astronomical demigods always do pradikshana of Sumeru mountain, the same way many astronomical objects circle around the Black holes. Nothing more.

However no one knows why this behavior of astronomical bodies happen!


I do not think we can compare black holes to an mountain. As I understand region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape is a black hole. These are super massive in size that can swallow entire galaxy.
I think best way to look at is Jainism 6 elements as described in Panchastikay and other granths. I am more fascinated by particle level physics (quantum mechanics) and how these are mentioned in our granths thousands of years ago and scientists are still discovering these truths.