सामायिक करने की समय अवधि

सामायिक का काल अंतर मुहूर्त यानी 48 मिनट ही क्यों बताया है ?

In Jainism, samayik should be done for a minimum of 48 minutes a day, but if someone has not taken strict vows of layman, then can they do samayik for 10 to 15 minutes (provided they don’t get much time rather, than not doing at all)?

You are confusing it with Samayik Pratima (3rd of 11 Pratimas). The person who has taken Samayik Pratima has to do Samayik for 48 to 96 mins at 6 A.M., 12 Noon and 6 P.M.

If you haven’t taken Samayik Pratima, you can do it for less time also. Even a 2nd Pratima Dhari have Samayik Shiksha Vrat, he/she can also do that for less than 48 mins. He can also do Samayik even 1 to 2 times also. In the 2nd Pratima, the person is learning to do Samayik. Though it is best to do it for 3 times and between 2 Ghadi to 4 Ghadi. (1 Ghadi =24 mins).

So, it is completely fine doing Samayik for 10 to 15 mins, if the person is not 3rd Pratima Dhari.


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Just 2 corrections -

Person having 1 pratima has to do samayik at least once a day.
Person having 2 pratima has to do samayik at least twice a day.

And then you have correctly stated, after taking 3 pratimas the person has to do samayik minimum 3 times a day.

According to me this is not the case. I wrote the answer on this basis.

Ok. Mai phir ek baari check kar lunga.