Tirthankar muniraj

Qa tirthankar muniraj Apne sath pichhi kamndal rakhte hai?
Agar Nahi to panchkalyanako mai unke ahar Kai time pichi q sath rakhe jate…

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nhi tirthankar bhagwan, muni awashtha me na pichi rakhte h na hi kamandal.
Tirthankar bhagwan ke 34 atishay me se ek janam ka atishay hota h ki unke “mal mootra” nhi hota to unhe kamadal ki koi awashakta nhi.

disha lete hi wo jameen se 4 ungal uppar utha jate h to pichi ki bhi koi awashakta nhi.

Panchkalyanak aadi me agar pichi rakhte h to wo sirf pratik hota h ki unki ye awastha digambar muni ki h.

Please do correct me if wrote anything wrong unknowingly.


Any reference to confirm this point?

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I have heard this somewhere, but I am cannot give you any reference of this at this time.
It is one of the “64 Riddhis”. Even some munis get this “Riddhi” by doing extreme “Tap”.
I am not sure if it is still possible to get this “Riddhi” in “Pancham Kaal”.

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I believe it is written somewhere that after Diksha, Tirthankars attain 63 riddhi’s automatically within antarmuhurt. I don’t remember in which scripture but perhaps prathamanuyog might help.

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I did more search on this. Could not find the name of the granth where it is written.

However thinking logically it does become very obvious that Tirthankar bhagwaan has 63 riddhi automatically within antarmuhurt of taking diksha because he has a vardhamaan charitra.

For example : we all know that tirthankar bhagwaan does not have kamandalu because he doesn’t urinate or defecate. However he also does not have picchi because the need for using picchi arises when one walks on land and for a muni to not walk on land is only possible if he is charan riddhi dhaari.

Such charan riddhi occurs to normal muni maharaaj after great penance but it occurs to Tirthankar muniraaj simply because -

  1. Since he is a tirthankar there must be some special attributes in his conduct that he exhibits which all the other munis don’t.
  2. He does not have picchi and if he doesn’t have charan riddhi then it will not be possible for him to maintain ahinsa mahavrat. Therefore such charan riddhi should occur to him within antarmuhurt of taking diksha.