Thought regarding following Jainism

Question in my mind pop out from the one answer on Quora by Jinesh.
He said this time he celebrated paryushan/das lakshana parva for 18 days.
8 days swetamber + 10 days degambar

So, the question is, who follows swetamber starts eating outside after it means during degambar das lakshana parva and same way who follows degambar eats before it starts. So, in paryushan parva.

So, somehow we do things not to be done in Jainism most important Parva.

Isn’t this wrong in some ways?
What are your thoughts on this?


As the question is specifically about me, a disclaimer becomes inevitable :

My food habits are more or less the same for 365 days (which includes the days of daslakshan/ paryushan). You may message me personally on the forum’s inbox to know more about it.

Nothing much changes for me in terms of food habits. What I mean by celebration is spending more time for doing Pujan / Vidhan, reading scriptures, and introspection. And this, I certainly did for all 18 days. In fact, it is something which ought to be done 365 days a year. But since we can’t do so, we have these parv during which we try to do it for some days.

And with all due respect to the intention with which you raised this question, I would like to share one thing -

Food habits need not and should not be identifed with what Jainism is. I agree that it has its place. But Jainism, as a philosophy, a religion and a way of life, has plenty much more to say rather than what to eat and what not. Any discussion pertaining to Jainism should neither begin with it, nor should it end there. No religion or philosophy does so. Think about it.


That’s really good that you follow same for all 365 days. But, I have seen people around me does eat outside food before such parv.
It is generalized question. It’s just that came to my mind when I was reading your answer.

Yes, it’s true and really sad that we just stop on eating habit topic rather than exploring real insights of valuable Jainism Phylosophy.

Thanks for your pinch to think over it.
Appreciate your efforts :slightly_smiling_face: