Telegram Channels for PDF and Audio

Jai Jinendra,

With a lot of hard work, we have created some channels on Telegram for easy access to audios and PDFs. You might already be a part of some groups on WhatsApp but there are some less known features of Telegram. For example, you can download a file as many times from the channels even if you downloaded it once and it is deleted due to some reason from your device.

JinSwara Updates(Main Group):

Audio Channels
JinSwara Recorded Audios:
Bhakti Audio:
Jain Audio Books:
भेदविज्ञान परक ऑडियो:

PDF Channels
Jain Dravyanuyog Nyay & Siddhant:
Jain Prathmanuyog & Stories:
Jain Charnanuyog & Practices:
Jain Karnanuyog/ Jain Maths:
Bal Shatiya/ Kids Section:
Pujan Stuti Bhajan Strota:
PTST Jaipur Sahitya:
Jain Granth Smriti Sahitya:
Vyakaran Ras Chhand Alankar:
Jain Sahitya Sodh Prabandh:

All the above channels are maintained by JinSwara team.
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