Shubhchandraji Virachit PadmaPuran

The Prastavna of the following version of Padmmapuran seems to me to imply that the geneology of the Pandavs as laid out in particular Puran, are somewhat “fictional”, based on amalgamations of several historic Puran texts including those from the Vaisnav (Hindu) based Mahabharat story, and from Shwetamber based versions of the Padmapuran.

On page 3 in particular it seems to suggest that this book conflicts with accounts of Shantanu’s lineage as given in Harivanshpuran.

Not sure if I have misinterpreted the Prastavna… but the way I am reading it, I am not sure if it is a trustworthy source. Can anyone shed light on the authenticity (or not) of the accounts of the geneoligy of the Pandavs given in this book.

Additionally, in this and other sources, the author Shubchandra is stated to be a Bhattarak, while in this version he is stated as an Acharya:

Are Bhattarak and Acharya somewhat interchangeable terms, or is the above version wrong to state him to be an Acharya?