Should we be proselytising to non-jains

Jai Jinendra
We see in western world people are converted to different religions and there is active effort by these religious groups to bring people to their faith.
As a jain, should we be doing it? I have not seen active effort to get people into Jainism.
I think we should, if yes, how is it possible.


We should not give much effort towards this as -

5th Era is going on. Souls are already losing their good qualities and getting engulfed in all encompassing materialism. Then how can they convert to a religion like Jainism which is all about self-restraint, renunciation and penance.

Most problems lie in the fact that Jains don’t follow Jainism perfectly then how can you expect an outsider to follow Jain conduct. While they can relate to Jain philosophy. They might hardly be willing to adopt it i.e. not eating at night, no ground vegetables etc.


Yes, you are spot on! we do not follow ourselves 100% but we need to make effort to and also then proselytise…because every other religion is doing so…we need to share good things…I agree with every other points you made…because outsiders won’t take us seriously if we are not doing it ourselves … but in West… you have very good opportunity to spread Jainism…