Saying Jai Jinendra - Custom / Significance

  1. When? Why? To whom do we address by saying Jai Jinendra?

  2. How do we address Guru Bhagwant - Muni ?

  3. What do we gain by ? Significance

  4. When did this custom start?

  5. What is the difference of saying Mathyena Vandami?

we should address our jain friends or relatives by saying “Jai Jinendra” when we meet them, at goodbye time, talk to them on phone , text etc. By this, we are reminding yourself and others about the qualities of Jinendra Bhagwaan. It is also a way to give respect to the other person. But we should not say Jai Jinendra in Jain temple. As by this we are giving respect to the other person, which should not be done in front of the lord of 3 lok.

Digambar Jains bow down to Digambar Muni and say “Namostu”. I don’t know about Shwetambar Jains.

Already answered in the first part.