SamayaSar jI- Acharya Amirt Chandracharya JI

I am studying SamaySaar Ji by Acharya Amrit Chandra charya and having difficulty understanding sometimes even the hindi translation of his Teeka. I read Acharya Jayasen teeka earlier and that I could understand easily.

Are there any compassionate experts who have time and - they can explain me meanings of things where I get stuck.



You can take help from Samaysar Anushilan by Dr. Hukumchand ji Bharill.
It will provide you the simple Hindi translation of Aacharya Amrutchand swami’s tika along with Acharya Jayasen tika and some needful explanation at various places.
Links for the same:
Samaysaar (GyayakBhav Prabodhini tika)
Samaysaar Anushilan -1
Samaysaar Anushilan -2
Samaysaar Anushilan -3
Samaysaar Anushilan -4
Samaysaar Anushilan -5
Samaysaar Ka Saar

Natak Samaysaar, By- Pt. Banarasidas Ji

Apart from these you can always put your questions on our Forum. We have many viduans on our Forum and they will definitely come forward helping us out.

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If you lot of time, then go through the Pravachan by Rishabh Ji Jain (Indore) on Samaysaar.

Very very well explained, every line, every word. I’m currently listening to them.