Reason to follow Jainism

Please share your personal reasons why you follow Jain religion or what makes you never loose your Faith.

जैन दर्शन के कुछ सिद्धांत

  1. प्रत्येक जीव भगवान बन सकता है।यह मार्ग भक्त नही बल्कि भगवान बनने का मार्ग है। जीव को भगवान की गुलामी में से भी मुक्त कर दिया।

  2. वस्तु स्वातंत्र्य - परद्रव्य (मुख्य रूपसे जीव या पुद्गल ) को अपनी इच्छा अनुसार परिनमा नही सकते.
    इसके श्रद्धान से जीव को आकुलता,कषाय दुख उत्पन्न नही होते

  3. यह शरीर मे नही हुं।में एक अरस, अरूपी,अगन्ध मात्र ज्ञानमय निज आत्मा हु इस श्रद्धान से जीव को कैसे भी प्रतिकूल संयोग जीव को दुखी नही कर सकते। जीवन आनंद मई लगने लगता है।

  4. अनेकांत और स्याद्वाद
    प्रत्येक वस्तु को श्रद्धान की तरफ से द्रव्य दृष्टि और व्यवहार की नजर से पर्याय दृष्टि

5)प्रत्येक जीव निगोदिया से लेकर संगनी पंचेन्द्रिय तक के जीव को समान जान कर करुणा का भाव।

ऐसी जैन दर्शन की हर एक सिद्धांत जीव को सच्चा सुख प्राप्त कराता है।



वस्तु में अनेकांत, वाणी में स्याद्वाद और चर्या में अहिंसा।


I think it would be better if we try to analyse other faiths too and then try the eliminating method.

As Acharya Mangtung in Bhaktamar said,
मन्ये वरं हरि-हरादय एव दृष्टा,
दृष्टेषु येषु हृदयं त्वयि तोषमेति ।
किं वीक्षितेन भवता भुवि येन नान्यः,
कश्चिन्मनो हरति नाथ भवांतरेपि ॥21॥

Lets first analyse Vedanti faith. They believe that god created the universe.
As Acharya Jinsen said,
“If God created the world, where was he before creation? What was he made of i.e. was he having a body or not? If you say he was having a body, who created that body? If you say he didn’t have a body, how can an immaterial god create something which is material.

Also how can any religion justify violence? Keep aside all the religions. Ask from your soul, is Violence good or Non-violence.

I think all the religions except Jainism and Buddhism makes the god as the creator of the universe.

Lets now Analyse Buddhism.
Buddhism doesn’t believe in rebirth.
But there are proofs of rebirths.

This even rules out Atheist point of views.

Now only option left is Jainism.

Even Jainsim is the most Scientific religion. Every concept of Jainism is on logical basis. Jainism is much ahead of Science. There were many concepts which were in Jainism, which Modern Science rejected, but lated accepted. If you want to know more about these concepts check this:


Only 3 simple reasons -

  1. One doesn’t need to beg the God here for material gains or worldly pleasures. They come automatically. In other religions one has to pray and please their god for some unknown time before he decides to do something favorable to such a devotee.

  2. The devotee never remains a devotee forever. He attains the level of the God he worships and becomes a God himself. In other religions, the devotee has to become a slave to some entity who is full of attachment, hatred and delusion and doesn’t allow the devotee to become same as him.

  3. Comparison of religious principles with other religions convinces me that Jain religion is still super advanced for its time and the world would have been a good place to live had all its inhabitants been following Jainism.


I would like to add 1 more point. If the god has that powers, how biased is that god, who only fulfills the desire of the ones who worship that. Also, if the god has the power to save others from pain, sorrows, how cruel is that god, who don’t save other from their pains and sorrows.


This is the base of atheism. That’s why they don’t believe in the existence of god.


I think Atheists are logical people. The only problem is that they don’t have the access of Jain Principles.


Yes and they are likely to believe in jainism in more determined manner other than those who are Jains only coz they are born in the Jain family. There should be some books pdfs or any videos which clears the basic difference between Jain and other religions.


Correctly stated.


There are such books too. I once read such book many years back.
The problem is that Jain population is very less. The followers of principle are negligible. So, others even don’t know about the principles. Most of the people think it as the offshoot of so called “Hinduism”. They don’t know that it is very different from the same.

Even I have tried contacting Atheists and has successfully convinced some to read Jain literature.

The major reason I feel is it makes you independent. It says if we follow we won’t be slave of anyone.


कई तर्क हो सकते है। लेकिन जिनशासन मे अनन्त श्रद्धा है। अन्य
कोई धर्म सत्य हो ही नही सकता क्योकि वितरागता केवल यही है।
अपनी आँँखो देखा असत्य हो सकता है लेकिन जिनेन्द भगवान के
द्वारा बताया जैन धर्म कभी गलत नही हो सकता । ऐसी अनंत विश्वास
होने के कारण यह उतर देने कि हिम्मत नही होती कि जैन धर्म को
मानने के पिछे क्या कारण है। लेकिन संक्षेप मे कुछ कारण देता हँ

  1. आपको कुन्दकुन्द जैसे वितरागी गुरू किसी अन्य धर्म मे नही मिल
    सकते। सारे संसारी गुरू नाम पद के भुखे है।
  2. केवल Jainism यह कहता प्रत्येक आत्मा भगवान बन सकता।
  3. Jainism एक purely scientific religions है।
  4. पुरा संसार शांति चाहता है । वो शांति अहिंसा के बिना नही आ सकती
    और अहिंसा कि सही व्याख्या Jainism को छोड कर कही नही
    आ सकती ।
    According to Dr. Kalam - विश्व मे शांति अणुबमो से नही
    लेकिन भगवान महावीर के अणुवृतो से आ सकती।
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