Precautions to avoid sins in real life

What are some minor precautions by which we can stop from major sins and which are practically possible to implement in real life?

Pt. Sumat Prakash Ji suggested a game for kids, we can play that - download Multi Counter from play store and create two sections sins and virtues, track your good/bad activities-thoughts by rewarding yourself points, once you are able to track your good-bad activities and your sins points will go high, you will have a strong urge to do something good in order to balance your points.

In that pravachan he also teached two important lessons:

  1. रोना नहीं धोना सीखो
  2. काटे पकड़ना नहीं, फूल पकड़ना सीखो

It was a life changing pravachan for kids :sweat_smile:, though I don’t have exact link but it is available on youtube may be under Baal Shikshan Shivir series

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Some minor precautions that can help you overcome Anarthdand(useless bondage of sins) etc. are -

  1. Avoid sitting idle because an idle mind wants to waste time in unfruitful activities like watching random videos on Youtube or scrolling through your Facebook/Instagram feed for no purpose.

  2. Watch the road whenever you walk. Jain scriptures say that if you walk without observing the path below then you will accrue sins even if no jeev dies but if you are careful in your movement then you will accrue very negligible sins even if some jeev die as a result.

  3. Always think before doing any activity. Live in the present. Use your wisdom whenever doing any activity. For example : turn the tap only so much that you use less water while washing your hands so that idle water doesn’t go waste.

  4. A Digambar Muni Maharaj once told me that if for some reason sinful thoughts come into our heart and mind then don’t let them enter your words and action. Limit them only to your heart and mind. Exercising such a small amount of restraint shall ensure that you don’t compound your sins as a result of those thoughts. For example : Let’s say that at night a thought occurs in your mind that you want to eat some food then saints advise that one should not commit that deed. Instead order your mind to eliminate these bad thoughts and tell it to obey you(ie. the soul) & not wander here/there into arthdhyaan and raudradhyaan.

Only these mere small observances will help you stay clear of bonding with new sins. Also one should daily read “Alochana paath” or “Shravak Pratikraman” so that the soul can wash off the sins accumulated on a particular day through self-criticism/introspection/regret/course-correction.


Thanks for the points suggested.
It would be very helpful.