Please send me links to good Adhyamtik bhajans and pooja

Please send me links to good Adhyamtik bhajans and pooja

There is a dedicated bhakti section on forum(check top-left drop down menu named Bhakti on the screen) for adhyatmik bhajans.
Also some pujas have been added in pujas section (drop down menu named More on the top bar) and some more will be added in near future. Till then you can read the ones available.
Apart from that some pdfs links have been attached below.
Jinendra aradhana sangrah
Adhyatm navneet
Jinendra archana
Mangal archana
Bhakti sarovar
Mahamahotsav Gitanjali


Dhanywaad … magar mein mp3s dhoondh raha tha… uska kahee collection mil jaaye ek saath tau badiya rahega

The are many YouTube channels which can help.
Even our Jinswara YouTube channel (without any advertisements) have a very good collection of bhajans. Do look it.

Apart from these some telegram channels that might help:


Jain beats


these are amazing! thanks

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24 Tirthankar Pujan
part 1
part 2

Adinath Pujan
part 1
part 2

You can find more poojas and basics of Jainism in very simple language in this playlist

भक्ति सरोवर पूरा आप यहाँ से डाउनलोड कर सकते है:

मुझे यह सारे भजन (मुख्य रूप से १ और २) बहुत ही ज़्यादा अच्छे लगते है।