Parshvanath bhagwan va kamath ka jeev

Kamath ke jeev ne jo itne upasarg kiye the bhagwan parshwanath ke jeev pe, toh kya uske purv me Parshwanath bhagwan ne bhi kuch bura kiya tha kamath ke jeev ke sath? Kahin koi ullekh hai?

I don’t remember clearly but some scholar answered this question about what was the reason behind all the enmity between Kamath and Marubhuti and why Marubhuti have to tolerate all this.
The reason is (I might be wrong) that there was some ‘Mayachari’ involved from Marubhuti’s side. That made him tolerate all these upsargs in many lives from his brother.
And any wrong doing from Marubhuti towards Kamath, no. There’s no description came in any scripture that I read or heard about.


Here’s a good reference from jainworld website.


These are the past 10 births of both the jeevs before Marubhuti’s jeev became bhagwan Parshwanath. All these 10 births, Kamath’s jeev kept doing upsarg on bhagwan Parshwanath’s jeev.

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This is merely an assumption. I don’t think any agamas present today has said so.

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