Listening to Jain bhajans in background

Dear friends, is listening to Jain bhajans and lectures in the background while working and cooking disrespectful towards Ma Jinwaani ??


If possible it is always best to listen lectures with full concentration without multitasking. But if you have a busy schedule where you could not find special time(rare case) of at least half an hour in the day, then it is better to listen to them in background while cooking or working on something than not at all listening to them.
Regarding bhajans, I personally believe that instead of listening to songs during any work, travelling or cooking, we can switch to bhajans. That’s what I do daily in office or during cooking.
Because something is always better than nothing.
Having said that as a Jain disciple, one should always find time for swadhyay for at least half an hour just like one find the time for 2-3 meals in a day.
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