Let’s move brother - a translation of popular bhajan "Chalo re bhai"

A first effort to translate a popular bhajan “Chalo re bhai” into English. Do let me know if somewhere I have made any mistakes. Thanks in advance

Let’s move brother
Let’s move brother in our country. In our country neither have body nor have mind. Moreover, there does not have any trouble from the attachment-aversion feelings. There does not have scorching of sensual desires and passions. There does not have any type of delusion. There is an only flowing fountain of joyfulness.
Relationship will be built with the liberated souls. Surely, there will have a benediction unadulterated modification which is also characterized by a natural and an eternal blithesome state. Such infinite happiness is occurred.
The path of monks is being liked and color of three gems is being manifested. There will have only liberated souls surrounding to us. Let’s move brother in such our country.
I shall also definitely walk on a liberation path. I will live in forest with resilience even in condition of severe affliction.
We all will greet in a palace of enlightened beings. I will also resident in a palace of enlightened beings. Now, I will not be going to cry in four transmigration states anymore. Now, only unpassionate speech is being liked. Let’s move brother in our country.

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