Jains creating jobs for other Jains - thoughts?

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It would be nice to have a feature on this forum to post a job for our fellow Jain brothers and sisters.


  • Each of us has some skills. Few of us might look for human resources for some task to be completed; it can be small to big.
  • Rather than spending on the outside world wouldn’t it be great to create employment opportunities within the Jain community?


  • Our Sadharmi’s will thrive and they will not have to worry about finance.
  • They will be able to focus on Aatma Kalyan.
  • Direct / Indirect Dharm Prabhavna and Stithikaran as well.

Recent scenario & job opportunity:

I am looking for some Jain folks to do some paid online work related to Jainism. It was so hard for me to find.

If anyone is interested in online work related to Jainism please contact:
Ankit Jain, USA (+1) 469-605-1661

Thanks for the great forum.


Currently, we do not have any special feature for posting jobs on the forum. If we get more requests, we can create a separate portal or specific feature/section for this here.
As of know, you can post the job by creating the post and interested people can get in contact with you personally or replying to the thread.
Thanks for posting the job!