Jainism in correspondance to Veganism

I have been pondering upon Jainism and it’s learnings for a while now, but I have something that I think should be addressed. I really appreciate the reasons why Jains avoid some vegetables, to avoid killing an organism unintentionally. However, I would like to know why Jains still consume dairy?

I have been vegan for a long time now, meaning I don’t consume anything that comes from an animal i.e. milk, honey, silk, wool, etc because I am against animal abuse. It is factual, that most cattle that are grazed for dairy end up in a slaughterhouse. Also, the fact that a lot of calves are taken away from their mothers in order to preserve the milk for humans, doesn’t make sense nor seem like the right thing to do. Why don’t Jains follow a vegan lifestyle since they’re always advocates of non-violence?


There is an Ongoing discussion , you can read that.


Personally , I am vegan and I support Veganism in the context of Jainsim.