Jain stories - Doubt about authenticity


Some of the Jain stories signifying the character and personality of Tirthankars, Acharyas, General spiritual souls are written well into the 5th Era. I have a doubt that some of these stories might have actually been made up instead of being the real story just so that it can inspire the readers to the right path. Are my doubts realistic?


I believe that so too. As it might be to influence and sometimes it’s on the writer also how they write. हम लौकिक में भी देखते है कि वीर रस के कवि या रौद्र रस को किस तरह से comapre करके या भाव लाने के लिए बड़ा करके बताया जाता है, जबकि वह परिकल्पना हो सकती है।


Thank you for your reply. This doubt didn’t exist earlier in my mind but when a notable Digambar Muni told me that some stories about KundaKunda Acharya were written for the purpose of spiritual motivation, thereafter I started questioning every story I ever read.

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Yes. Same here. I used to believe everything whats written in form of stories if it is in any Jainism book or anything. Though we should not do this , we should use our logics and mind. Many things like what you mentioned above. And in Charnanuyog also.


For the best understanding of this question and many similar questions, do read प्रथमानुयोग के व्याख्यान का विधान from मोक्ष मार्ग प्रकाशक जी, chapter 8


Dhanyavaad Bhaiya! Humne padha aur humara doubt clear ho gaya hai.