Jain Ethics Review n Importance

Jai Jinendra
What is the importance of studying Jain ethics? How can we apply in our day to day lives? How will this address global issues?

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Here is my understanding why world needs Jainism.

  1. Lets start with simple example, vegetarianism promoted by Jainism. Meat production causes more greenhouse gas pollution than all the cars combined from this world. Meat consumption is linked to increased risk of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. Vegetarianism can help fight against global warming.
  2. Jainism is principle based and not personality based. It means we do not have blind following of any one person, we follow principle of Ahimsa, Anekantwad, Satya etc.
  3. Jain scriptures are written pragmatically with lots of examples, reasoning, logic and evidence. There is no dogmatic style. There is no blasphemy, critical thinking is encouraged.
  1. Thorough vegetarianism, we can reduce green house effects too. The highest source of global warming is meat industry. It even produces more green house effect than automobile industry.
  2. The concept of Anekantwad is a very powerful tool against violence. Even the concept is included in IAS, NEET, SSC etc. You can learn about this principle here: Anekantvada:- As perceived by me
  3. Jainism says we should be honest in our profession. It helps us in building the trust of customers etc
  4. Similarly, Truth is promoted, so the credibility increases. Even at earlier time the statement of Jains were taken as final.
  5. Jainism also promotes celibacy, so the person will be having good character.

Jai Jinendra !
Thanks @shubham1993jain and @Rushi
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