Investment in Share market or mutual fund

Is investing in share related things can be considered as atechaar of Jua/chori?

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This answer might help you :


So its yes or no? These days even many mandir trusts/ committees are putting money collected as donation in shares/mutual funds, sometime they even lose that money, is this acceptable as per agam?

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I don’t think there’s specifically mentioned about it in आगम but using temple funds for the risky investments (like shares, MF etc) doesn’t seem legit.

The reason being:

  • those are risky investments with no guarantee of returns.
  • there’s lockup period - even not selling off shares due to the low price can be consider lockup.

In my opinion, the best way to park the unused funds should be risk-free and no lockup (like fixed deposits) because the value of the investment will always be positive and we have the flexibility to liquidate the position anytime with no loss.



Airplanes can crash also. Should we stay away always?

No, right?

Similarly, for share market, we go with mutual fund so that we achieve our long term goals.

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It’s like any other business.

If you know what you are doing/someone in your guidance is doing on your behalf - Acceptable.

If you are intended to earn profit from any and every means without proper understanding - Unacceptable.

If you are a restricted shravak, all such companies which sell or purchase unethically and performing acts that are considered restricted according to the principles of Jainism should be avoided even if huge profits can be gained through them.


Mandir / trust investing in shares or mutual funds may not be permissible under Indian Trusts Act. It should be avoided. It is the fiduciary duty of trustees to safeguard the trust money. That money is not a capital to earn more income.


Is doing a business jua? Buying shares means buying a piece of business. Therefore, it is nothing but participation in someone’s business.

However, it can be jua if someone buys or sells without understanding the fundamentals and only for the sake of earning quick money.


कुछ दिनों से एक सवाल जो कि दिखने में तो मामूली है किन्तु जवाब जानना हर किसी के लिए जरूरी है। क्या शेयर मार्केट और क्रिप्टो करंसी का व्यापार जैन लोगों के हित में है या नहीं अगर है तो कैसे और नहीं तो क्यों? कृपया विस्तृत चर्चा करें।