Introduction to hinglish typing

You people are really doing a very good job by helping people to solve their doubts regarding Jainism by the means of this forum. आपके इस कार्य की अनुमोदना करता हूँ.

I would suggest introducing hinglish typing to the forum, I don’t know if there is any API available for this. I also understand if no API is available it would be really difficult to implement it.


I also would like like to thanks all jinswara team…
I regularly visit this site and read all doubt…this helped me lot…


On Android, you can use Google Indic Keyboard.

On Chrome, you can download, Google Indic Extension.

Also, you can write in Hindi using their Google Input Tools.


Thank you for giving me the link to the extension. It is much easier than typing on other website and copy pasting. I would still suggest adding the tool on the forum itself if it can be easily done because other people may not have that much technical knowledge.

As far I know, there is no inbuilt functionality of a specific language. Maybe, @ishan have some idea on it.

Anyway, on desktop, we can use extension directly on the forum to write in Hindi and on mobile, you can use Google Indic keyboard to directly write on the forum itself. No need to switch tabs or apps.


Better to use voice to text (mike option) given on every keyboard and change its language to Hindi in settings. It works very good.