Incomplete Scriptural Knowledge

Since many Avadhigyaani saints, Shrut Kevalis and Arihant kevali bhagwaan already knew that the knowledge of the entire dwadashaang would dwindle as time passes from the 4th Era to the 5th Era then why didn’t they decide to write most of it down?

I agree that perhaps some knowledge which would lead the reader to dangerous magical powers would have been harmful but at least other more important information which could have helped us challenge the so called proof provided by today’s scientists be given to us.


1. Scarce Resources : It was difficult to write on ताड़ पत्र . There was no paper or ink. Acharyas used Taad-patra and thorns to write all these scriptures. Sometimes, the thorn would pierce in their palms and cause blood ejaculation (blood is found at the backside of many taad-patras).

2. Degrading Knowledge Capacity : The grasping and retention capacities of beings is degrading. Acharyas wrote down sufficient matter for all anuyogs and Gyanis made it as simple as possible for us. We will even struggle to comprehend and understand the presently available karnanuyog as it involves high-level mathematics and formulas. Then, writing down rocket-science for us would have been a unfruitful move.

3. Pancham Kaal and its characteristics : It was forecasted that Jainism will be at its knees in pancham kaal. The lower-castes will rule over. People will not have much interest in religious acts/knowledge. In such a time, the acharyas had intention of writing only प्रयोजनभूत and सारभूत material for all of us. The available karnanuyog has ample description of planets/sun/moon and their movements. The explanations on these things would have been endless.

4. Faith Constraints : The available matter on revolution and movement of planets/sun/moon as per Jainism is enough to build a faith in the subject matter of Jainism as a whole. As Pt. Shri Todarmal Ji wrote in Moksha Marg Prakashak
“जो प्रयोजनभूत विषय में असत्य नहीं बोलता, वो अप्रयोजनभूत विषय में झूठ क्यों बोलेगा?”
And for once, let’s imagine that Acharyas had written all of the planetary science matter in their granths. Do you sincerely believe that scientists would have agreed on that? There is an on-going debate on Flat-earth and round-earth ― the very basis of rocket-science. The scientists would be asking for conclusive evidences on the matter and our clarifications that - “Because Kevli bhagwaan said so or our Acharyas wrote that” wouldn’t work. They work on facts and not merely on faith.
लौकिक विज्ञान मात्र ज्ञान का विषय है, धर्म श्रद्धा का विषय है

So, there are some problems. We should content ourselves from the available Jinagam (which, by the way, is quite vast) and should focus on our Kalyaan.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! The only thing that I feel sad is that perhaps more knowledge would have offered us better clarity about things but alas we’ll have to make do with whatever we have now.

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It is not like that Acharyas haven’t given their cent percent. They have tried their level best to secure the knowledge.
We won’t understand because for us everything like pen and paper is easy available. Even after writing, the ताड पत्र need to be dried, and drying process laso took hours. It was very difficult to write even a single page. So they wrote that in Sutra form(less words, deep meaning) .

Also since it was in the knowledge of Kevali Bhagwan, it is certain. No power can make it false. It is our bad karmas of our previous birth, that we are derived of that knowledge.

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Why Pancham kaal comes only? Why not HD camera to record Arihant samavsharan or Facebook live to spread his divya dhwani.

I think that it is swabhav or kaal vyavastha. Knowledge has to disappear else how Pancham kaal would arrive.


आजसे 80 साल पहले लोग जहाज में जाते थे विमान में क्यो नही जाते थे लोग पत्र लिखकर भेजते थे मोबइल से क्यो नही बात करते थे

सब कुछ द्रव्य क्षेत्र काल भाव की योग्यता अनुसार हो रहा है।

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I understand your feeling and concur. But our current scriptures are more than enough to get Samyegdarshan. We are very lucky to have access to current scriptures at our fingertips. I can read understand and listen to lectures on Samaysarji, Tatvartha Sutraji etc anytime. These are miraculous and fabulous scriptures that will guarantee Samyegdarshan for you and me. I am 100% confident, are you?
Our total existing scriptures runs into more than 200,000 verses, it takes lifetime to understand and grasp the essence of it. Pathway to Moksha and its knowledge is sufficient and complete from current available scriptures.


Hunger for knowledge creates are absolutely right that more knowledge would have offered better clarity.but aacharyas knew that this sort of study will become a subject of unhealthy debate in future. Moreover whatever we have is more than enough to do our kalyan.we can’t say the scriptures are incomplete.ये अपूर्णता मे भी अपूर्वता को लिये हुए है।also the door to complete knowledge is always open to us.we can of course attain keval gyan and know the unknown.but remember,कर सीमित निज ज्ञान को प्रगट्यो पूरण ज्ञान।