हम लागे आतमराम सों | Hum laage Aatmram so

हम लागे आतमराम सों |
विनाशीक पुद्गल की छाया, को न रमै धनवान सों || टेक ||

समता सुख घट में परगास्यो, कौन काज है काम सों |
दुविधा - भाव जालंजुली दीनौं, मेल भयो निज आतम सों || १ ||

भेदज्ञान करि निज परि देख्यौ, कौन बिलोकै चाम सों |
उरै परै की बात न भावै, लौ लाई गुणग्राम सों || २ ||

विकलपभाव रंक सब भाजे, झरि चेतन अभिराम सों |
‘घानत’ आतम अनुभव करिके, छूटै भव दुःखधाम सों || ३ ||

Artist- पं. घानतराय जी

Singer: @Asmita_Jain


It would be better if someone can write its meaning as well.

We are always ready to take your support in any way. :slight_smile:
Can you help us do this work? @Atmarthy_Ayushi_Jain

I appreciate the offer but I too lack the clarity.

Someone who is more knowledgeable can do this job like @jinesh @jainsulabh

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A bit too occupied at present. It’s a nice idea but seems like a long term project and would require a team of 3-4 people to get to the meanings quickly and write them down. Get them verified from an expert and then post on the forum. Will surely consider this after some time, if it’s not taken up by someone else.