How did ancient Digambar Muni do vihar along with writing shastras?

I was just wondering that how Ancient Digambar Munis who have written big shastras like Acharya Kundkund or Nemichand , would have done vihar along with their writing material ? Did shravak provide all necessary requirements ?

But, majority of saints lived in सुनसान jungles. Like Acharya Umaswami wrote Tatvarth sutra in jungle.

Also, since their was no photocopy machine, how did old shastra transfer to different muni sangh. Perhaps it was written(copied) again & again as it was done in Pandit Todarmal time even.

I think that shravaka play a huge role in Muni charya, even old acharya had to depend on Shravak for shastra, writing material, etc. although they had no विकल्प that shravak will do necessary requirements for them.

Example - In Pareeksha mukh, Acharya possess great knowledge of so many other religions, which was possible only by reading all religion books, which depended on shravak providing books and carrying them during vihar.

I just wanted to ask that can Muni ask for writing material from Shravak ?

Because in Pancham kaal, all have less memory to remember. Books become very necessary.

Did old Munis do vihar frequently as is mentioned in आगम to be done within few days only ?

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