Formation of yogurt/curd


Does anyone know the full process of the formation of yogurt/curd and what happens when we use a silver coin, a piece of marble, a piece of coconut shell to make curd instead of the starter? Is it free of microorganisms?


Yes. It’s free of micro organisms provided the milk you used is also free of micro organisms.

Curd is not counted in अभक्ष in Jainism if made via specific procedure. Like many other eatables, curd also have मर्यादा का काल।

Simply drop the silver, marble or coconut but make sure that the element is cleaned before use. It should not have previous day curd on it. Better clean it after removing it from curd.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Hey I meant the ‘scientific process’ which is fermentation process. Anyways, no worries. But dosen’t it include fermentation process in it? How can we get yogurt without fermenting? And if fermentation is done, how can we get yogurt without the presence of bacteria?
(Considering bacteria as microorganisms)


B. Kalpana didi told us that making curd as per Jainism doesn’t give birth to organism. I’ll update the reference when found any.

Found this on internet. Visit this link from and do a full page search for “curd” term.

In Jainism. In old tradition Milk and milk products were made in home that’s why they are consumable.

For curd there is a way to prepare a curd. In Jainism, curd were not mix in milk directly. Use almonds to first sauk in curd then wash it slightly and then put it in milk. And only fresh curd which is of same day were allowed in Jainism to eat.

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Okay, I will read the content on the site and reply accordingly.

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Checked the site. The information that you pasted is only given regarding curd.

It says the almond is slightly washed and not fully, which means there still exists the particle of the curd. I am doubtful of it.

Additionally, without the process of fermentation, curd can not be prepared.

Anyways, I will ask Vikas Chhabra bhaiya about this and let everyone know.