Followers of Swami ji


Do the followers of Kanji Swami worship any Digambar Sadhu present at this time?

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Note: This reply is for all, who ask questions unrelated to any Anuyog.

Why do you want to know this? Any specific reason?
If not then,
There is nothing to do with your or mine ‘aatmkalyan’, by thinking on this type of questions.

Ya if you would like to know, which scriptures do kanji swami read or how was the bhakti and bahuman of Kanji Swami towards digambar muniraj then it will help you and me.

This question states irrelevant. Rather than asking this type of questions ask the questions that helps us to get out of this sansarchakra. Ask about dravyanuyog, prathmanuyog, charnanuyog and karnanuyog. This question doesn’t lie in any of this Anuyog.

Agreed? @Sowmay @Sarvarth.Jain @jainsulabh @Divya @Aniteshj


I just heard from somewhere that the followers of Kanji Swami doesn’t worship any Digambar Sadhu. I just want to confirm this as I don’t know whether it is correct or not.
My intention is not to hurt anyone. Sorry, if it hurts your sentiments.
If it is correct, I want to know the reason. If it sounds logical to me, I may also adopt their thinking.

I even myself doesn’t worship the munis which are not following their 28 Mool gun perfectly.


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Let’s not make this a taboo @Samay

I will not take name of any particular muni of present time here. But, as you know that Jainism is quite strict about its laws and principles. There are no bylaws or shortcuts in this unparallel path to liberation.

You are either a muni or you are not. There is no path like “Humse to achche hain”. Thinking according to this, if the muni lacks even one of the 28 moolguns, he would not be worshipped as a Muni.

Some may argue that “Muni may have the inner shuddhta and hence he should be worshipped” but as a छद्मस्थ I and you cannot know about the आंतरिक शुद्धता of any muni and hence his बहिरंग शुद्धता will be the criterion for his worship (Outsourced from Moksha Marg Prakashak)

Unfortunately, we don’t find any muni presently who follow these 28 moolguns strictly. Hence, you know the answer.

Thanks for raising the topic.


It’s very nice thinking and the parameter of 28 mulgun defines everything. So, this question has no relevance if you worship only muniraj that are following 28 mulgun perfectly. Because your parameter has been set according to Jinwaniji. Now my advice would be to move ahead of all this to learn more.

My reply wasn’t out of my damaged sentiments.
It was just an answer to question asked.
This is a forum, a place to discuss.

If you got a smell of rudeness, so Sorry.

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aapse kshma, aapko kshma


I may be wrong but, I read somewhere that it is mentioned in Jinvaani that there will be some munis (though very few, which can be counted on finger tips) which will follow 28 moolguns strictly till the end of pancham kaal. Is it mentioned in Jinvaani or not?


And one more, don’t see followers see Kanji Swami.

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Follower of kanji swami is real follower of
digambera muniraj. Only Kanji followers is original devotee of muniraj. Now come to the point who is not Saint according to our digambera scripture then how can we accept them as a Jain muni?
Kahanpanthi is slave of real vitragi muniraj’s holy foot.


Can you please share some links so that I can know about Kanji Swami?


What is Kahanpanthi?


Kahanpanthi means followers of kanjiswami( Kahan guru)


I think we should not represent from any specific personality (व्यक्तिवाद). It’s just that we should follow Jainism in true form. As stated by Swami ji, धर्म बाड़े का नाम नहीं हैं, वस्तु का स्वभाव धर्म हैं।

Regarding the topic, प्रथम गुणस्थानवर्ती २८ मूलगुण पालक मुनिराज पूजनीय हैं तथा चतुर्थ गुणस्थानवर्ती श्रावक पूजनीय नाही। बहिरंग संयम से पूज्यता का व्यवहार होता हैं।


मैने कब कहा स्वामी जी पूज्नीय है। वो केवल उपकारी गूरू है। दिगम्बर मुनिराजो से उनकी तुलना का प्रश्न ही कहा है।
मेरे कहने का मतलब केवल इतना हे कि जिन्हे गुरूदेव उपकारी लगते वह कहानपंथी है। अगर वो अवतरित ना होते तो हमारा क्या होता।

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प्रथम गुणस्थान के मुनि कैसे पूज्य हो सकते? आप क्या बोल रहे।


पूज्य और पूज्यता का व्यवहार - इन दोनों में difference है। इस difference को ध्यान देने से आपके प्रश्न का समाधान हो जाएगा।
पूज्यता का आधार रतनत्रय है और पूज्यता का व्यवहार बाह्य लिंग को देखकर किया जाता है। इसी कारण से जैन धर्म में मात्र तीन लिंग को ही पूज्य कहा है।


bahar se hum konse muni konse gunstan me h pta nhi lga sakte. Bahar se to hum muni ke moolgoon hi dekh sakte h. To har muni maharaj jo 28 moolgun ka palan karen, pujya hai, chahe unka gunsthan koi bhi ho.


Teen ling se aapka kya matlab h? Kya ye ling ratnatraya hai?

Agar haan, to kya teeno ling hone chahiye pujya hone ke liye ya sirf ek se bhi kaam chal jayega?


मुनिराज, आर्यिका माताजी, और उत्कृष्ट श्रावक (एलक और क्षुल्लक जी)… ये तीन लिंग ही पूज्य है।

*सम्यक दर्शन, सम्यक ज्ञान और सम्यक चारित्र तीनों हमेशा साथ ही होते हैं। ‘तत्त्वार्थ सूत्र जी, सूत्र क्रमांक १’
लेकिन बाह्य रूप में स्थूल रूप से व्यक्त संयम / चारित्र पंचम गुणस्थान से ही कहा गया है।


I may be wrong, but I don’t agree with this.
We do “Namostu” to muniraj, “Vandnami” to Aarika mataji and “Itchami” to kshullak and ellak ji.