Fermented Food, भक्ष्य or अभक्ष्य?

Can someone guide whether fermented food (dosa, idli, curd, dhokla, appam) are भक्ष्य or अभक्ष्य? And if there is a way to make the process under मर्यादा? Please share if you find any reference

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As per this video, dosa batter should not be fermented. They are using lemon and Papad khar.

Recipe for papad khar:

I guess the batter expiry (maryada) will be as per the water used. If the filtered water is boiled for 24 hours use, then the batter should also be used within the same time.

Since we will start the process(soaking grains, grinding and then resting the batter for fermentation) in the morning after sunrise, we don’t have that much time for fermentation. Also, we need to use the batter till the evening before sunset.

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