Do plants feel pain? And is human evolved step by step from one sense to five senses animal?

One sense jeev don’t have nervous system to feel pain so, will it be hinsa if they are hurt in any manner? I mean what is exact definition of violence, is it based on ability to feel pain or something else?

Will it be wrong to assume humans are evolved from Chimpaneeze or some lower intellect animals according to our Jainsm? ( Darwin’s Theory)

All the being feel pain. One sense jeev do feel pain. The only sense present in them is skin. Yes, it will be hinsa they are hurt in any manner.

Yes, it would be wrong if we believe that humans have evolved from Chimpanzee.

I understand they respond to external stimuli like sunlight…And also recently it is been shown that bacteria( assuming one sense) has the ability to fight viruses trying to harm them( Crisper Cas 9 ) So, it means even one sense being also try to protect themselves and this make sense somewhere that they can… perhaps feel pain too!!

Yes, you are thinking in right direction. According to science, plants do not have nervous system, but I cannot say with regards to Jainism, as I don’t have that much knowledge. May be their stem and branches are their nervous system.


You can see a system called “veins” present in a leaf. May be it is their nervous system.

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I have also one new thought… our whole body is composed of cells( brain cells, neurons, RBC, WBC, etc.) and cells are also a living being in one way so I propose that as a human we are collective consciousness of so many single celled living being…!!! We assume “my hand is me” but this is actually a whole in itself a new living being on which we(human) just have power to control…

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It again proves that our body is just a tool, I am something different.

Yes, our body contains infinite number of microorganism, it has been proved both by Jainism and science.

Body contain microbes, I agree but what great is our whole body is made up of cells which in itself is another living beings. It means your head, your brain, every organ is made up of living beings and we as a human or soul have power to control them (Just a perspective to a known fact)

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sorry I didn’t understood the last to last post of yours completely. I don’t know whether cells are living or not as per jainism. Even our body doesn’t belong to other living beings(like bacteria etc) present in our body. They are just souls too.they will also take new body after their life. Just another thought!!!

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Brother We have to think to a whole new approach to what we call “Life” to decide whether cell is a living being or not. Science can’t define exactly to what life is. What is difference between living or non living!!! Few of obsevations in trying to understand science and Jainsm…

  1. Sperm cells can be clearly seen under microscope floating and running in the fluid literally feel like a little animal. (Cocept of veeriya in our Jain literature, that it kills many small small organism in the act of reproduction)
  2. HeLa cells are the only cells ( called as Cell Line) which can be cultivated outside human body, obtained from a cancerous tissue of a lady called Henritta Latticks. (Other animal cells just DIE outside the human body)
  3. Virus show no signs of life outside the host body, it can lay dormant for years in the environment waiting for suitable host to become active again…( So was it alive or not!!)
  4. We say there are five senses in the humans which is highest but certain animals have shown extra capabilities, not sure to call them sense or not…Check this link (

Evolution tends to explain many things to why do we behave in a way we do behave…Each and every act of ours can explained on the basis of evolution which says the sole purpose of living being to pass on the genes and our every activity someway try to achieve it. Our desires are somewhat biased with three things
2. Culture/Surrounding
3. Self /Ego

(By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)
This book beautifully explains evolution and the final word of author is same as of Bhagwan Mahaveer, i.e the best goal is not to invest any psychic energy in materialistic things.

Still we have so many things to think about philosophy, psychology, religion and Science. Somewhere they must have to meet each other :slight_smile:

किसी के रस्सी से पाँव बांदकर उसे उल्टा लटकादो और उसके मुँह में गोवर भर दो और उसकी आखें फोड़ दो और उसे डंडे से पीटो ऐसा दुःख तो नरक में है और किसी के मुँह को सुई धागे से सिलदो, उसके दोनों कान भी धागे से सिलदो, दोनों आँखों को भी सुई धागे से सिलदो, और नाक को भी सिलदो, फिर उसके दोनों हाथ पैर बांधकर उसे बोरी में बंध करके उसे पीटो और जिन्दा ही मिटटी में दफना दो, ऐसा दुःख एकइंद्रिय को होता है । यह उदहारण सुदृस्ति तरंगणी ग्रन्थ में नरक और निगोद के comparision में दिया हुआ है ।

अल्प ज्ञान भी प्रचुर दुःख का वेदन करता है, जैसे नींद में अल्प ज्ञान भी बहुत आकुलता का वेदन कर लेता है, दुःख के वेदन के लिए मन वचन की आवस्य्क्ता नहीं है । निगोद में वेदना के कारन प्रदेश समुदघाट हो जाता है, इतनी तीव्र वेदना होती है की आत्म प्रदेश वेदना के कारन सरीर से बहार आ जाते है, इतनी तीव्र आकुलता होती है की कसाय समुदघाट हो जाता है, कसाय से आत्म प्रदेश सरीर से बहार निकलते है, जैसे इतना तीव्र क्रोध आये के क्रोध से आत्म प्रदेश ही बहार निकल जाये, ऐसी आकुलता निगोद में होती है ।


Thanks for the quote from Agam. Really appreciate your efforts. And this answer from Quora also gave me new insight to atoms, cells, tissues, and organs.