Do curses really work as per Jain scriptures?

While Jainism propounds karma philosophy and insists that bad can only happen to a soul if his bad karma are giving results. If good karma are giving results then nothing bad can happen to such a soul no matter how much somebody tries to hurt them.

Hence, do curses work in Jainism? Although we have the example of riddhi dhaari muni who can result in someone’s death merely if they utter such words but other than that are there examples where someone has cursed the other person and something bad has happened?

Example: पूर्व भव में जब रावण ने सीता जी के साथ दुराचरण किया था तब सीता जी ने रावण को curse दिया था कि एक दिन मेरे कारन ही तेरी मृत्यु होगी

I think curses are the type of निदान, which become fruitful over the time as the result of karma

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Karma siddhant is inevitable. Curses SEEM to work when they are in accordance with karm siddhant.
It is like a person killing an insect. Insect dies by its own ayu karma and faces sorrow by his own asata karma. But human kills it at same time.