Discuss on How do you think Earth can be a happy place?

I completely agree with the lifestyle of Jain monks if someone really want peace and internal bliss, but when we do not have logic why we are doing the things we are doing then our mind allure us for the sensual pleasures and we get confused even more.

I have even thought of a model to how can peace be restored on the Earth. All the difference between rich and poor is due to the fact that human start accumulation of materials… had there all humans on Earth practicing organic agriculture, and growing crops just to fulfill his two times meal requirement, we would not have all these troubles we are facing right now. Technology is ruining our life.
People say diseases can be cured by medical science, but only rich people have access to hospitals and in the past years even more diseases have developed than cured… why cant we just be natural just like animals are??
Our brain intellect has only created troubles by our ability to accumulate more and more things. Have you ever seen any animal getting bored, its just us who get bored. And then we start inventing science and all this amazing stuff that has only increased our worries rather reducing problems…
Why are people so connected in Villages? Cause they are natural, not using artificial life style.
GDP of India in agriculture has drastically reduced in agriculture and people are diverting more towards service and industrial sector which makes rich richer and poor more poorer.

I propose that all we need for happiness is introspection and two times meal to survive. I just wish we understand what reality is and not just blindly follow culture, biological and self egoistic desires. I think sustainable agriculture and abandoning all artificial technology is the way to happy future for all. We again need to become Chimpanzee!!! But sensible ones :slight_smile:
Thank You

Please discuss what can be issues if we just live agriculture based lifestyle with no technology…or also share if you have any other model of peace??

This man depicts what I mean to say…

The main problem with our materialistic thinking is that we have developed a narrow mindset that happiness can only be obtained through external means. But, that’s not true.

How can you guarantee happiness to the person practicing organic agriculture and growing crops just to fulfill his daily needs? Maybe, he isn’t that happy with his production and he wants more! Hence, greed consumes him again.
Problem is not technology and conversely just agriculture is not the solution.

We have to be satisfied with what we have to be happy

A single thing appears to be good and bad at different points of time ― that indicates that the materialistic world that appears to be a place of happiness or sadness is not source of any feeling. Our own conscience is. Our own thoughts are.

A man can be happy in a hut and disappointed in a bungalow.

Always remember Dr. Kalam’s words in this regard ―
"खुश रहने के सिर्फ 2 ही तरीके हैं - 1. जो पसंद है, उसे हासिल करना सीख लो 2. जो हासिल है उसे पसंद करना सीख लो।"

I hope you understand this and introspect .There is no need to make the world a happy place because the world cannot be a happy place ever! Focus on making yourself happy in this wretched world. That should be our aim.

Further discussion invited :slight_smile:


All other professions directly or indirectly do more violence than agriculture. That was only my point. Brother…
No greed buisness. Haha.
And I am not even talking about agriculture being a profession, just eat directly from jungle if at possible and then be in meditation like Mahaveera.

And I perhaps could not explain myself why is invention and technology creating differences between people on Earth. I was talking from evolution point of view…And yes, I agree to you with all my heart, to be happy with whatever we have, I was just saying that, using anything other than food is creating problem somewhere(even growing food is problem but this is the least we can do to survive and meditate)
And this is my reference for all what I said…

Further discussion welcome…

I think you are wondering about bhogbhumi -

  1. Wealth: no rich-no poor, all are equal in wealth
    no servant-no king, no minister-no assistant, all are at same level
  2. Health: its a tall body with no disorders
    no accidents, no wars, no casualities, no disease, no surgery
  3. Wiseness: all are equally clever
    no smart-no foolish
  4. Living efforts: 10 types of kalp trees, some provide ready to eat food, some clothes, some ornaments etc.
    no school-no job-no business, its full time retirement
    everyone get ready to move house by birth
  5. Life expectancy: uncountable years
    its a lot of time, no lack of time
  6. Society: all are happy and intelligent
    no crime-no violence-no discrimination-no religious issues
    have only one wife who is only the wife- not the sister or mother or daughter of someone
  7. Fear: no this life fear as everything is safe, no after life fear as it is pre destined to go to heaven

This all you want to happen on this planet, its a life full of happieness with no worries, what if this earth
turns into a bhogbhumi? It is written that the people of bhogbhumi are even happier than chakravortis (read more on Triloksaar)

There are all kind of places in this universe, all kind of small worlds- everything that you wonder is real
somewhere- then what about cartoon world? some people can fall in love with even cartoon character(written in mokshmargprakashak), what if that happens to a dev or a vidhyadhr- they can create a realistic fantasy world using their superpower maya or illusions (just guessing),
vidhyadhr can make their own cities- a dev had created an illusionistic army of virtual monkeys (written in pdmpuran) when one of the sugreev’s ancestor had killed a monkey for biting his queen, the point is all kind of places already exist-this universe is beyond our knowledge.

But moksha, a real pleasure is not possible in bhogbhumi,heaven, places outside 2.5 dweep.
Why so? what is the importance of karmbhumi?..think on this
There are peaceful forest on meru (panduk vn, nandan vn) then why monk choose burning hill on hot summer for tp?


That’s perfect reply brother. Can’t argue any more…
I completely agree with you, my thinking was perhaps to make the Earth a (*bhogbhumi) , I completely agree with you. Thanks for this clarification.
I wish I could give you more than 1 likes… haha

Concept cleared!!:grinning::smile:

You thought even one step farther than me :writing_hand:
At peace :rainbow:

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But it ends with a question, have to find that out, the question for happy place is still on!!

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Don’t just think for short term, i.e. this present life. Rather think for long term, you and me have been to hell infinite number of times. The pains of the Narkis are known to Narkis and kevalgranis only. We can’t even imagine the pains.

We have been roaming in these 4 gatis from anadi kaal. Our motive should be to break the cycle of birth, old age and death. We can only do so by attaning salvation.

Now coming to the point , if we all start doing agriculture. There is no where true happiness except Siddhshila. Even if we all start doing agriculture, there may be famines, droughts, floods etc, which proves that we cannot be happy forever here. When there was drought in the time of Acharya Bhadrabahu, all the wealth of Big kings went out. They even tried arranging food from neighbouring states, where there was no drought, but even then they were unable to feed the people. They used technology to transport food from neighbouring states, so they took the right advantage of the technology.

Its upto you how you use technology, if you use it for the betterment of ourself and other its good, but most people are using it in the wrong way. Lets take an example, you right now using internet it for your betterment as you are searching for true knowledge. But most people use it for entertainment.

You also said that " All other professions directly or indirectly do more violence than agriculture" . That is not true. Its upto you how you do your profession. There can be a very big farmer, he is doing violence at a very big level. Comparing him with a school teacher, the school teacher is doing less violence than him. Even if everyone grows for himself only, there will be difference on the practices of farming. A farmer who kills birds who come to eat fruit grown by him, is doing very high violence.

I hope you would have got all your doubts clear.
Please post if you still have any other doubts, I will try to clear it if I can.


No more doubts brother, I am “in a peace” like Shifu.
Thank You…:blush:

If everybody does so, nobody will be able to give ahaar to Munis. Thinking in this way, nobody will be able to attain salvation. If you eat directly from jungle, you cannot have “Ahinsa Mahavrat”,

All these systems were created by Lord Aadinath. His thinking was very far than you and me.

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Haha… You are right perhaps! I was stupid to worry about everyone. Haha…
Lets enjoy the peace and stop thinking about profession.

If you worry about everyone, you are not stupid. A good person is one, who thinks about everyone else too and not for just ourself.

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