Competition to achieve salvation

608 jeev achieve salvation in 6 months and 8 samay. Isn’t it like a competition where there are 608 vacancies every 6 months and 8 samay? Though the irony is that if you will help your competitors, you will achieve a better rank, or go to salvation faster. What are your viewpoints on this?

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Jai Jinendra, well, this is quite funny.

Yes, it does sound like a competition but it ain’t one. Jainism is very well-defined, पूर्वापर-दोष रहित, and structured set of facts and rules. So, this is merely a fact that 608 jeev will attain liberation in 6 months and 8 samay. And we should celebrate this fact.

Reasons for celebration :

  • We should be tension free. Agar humaara Moksha jaane ka samay aa gaya hoga, to saare nimitt swayamev banenge.

  • Agar Moksha Jaane ka samay nahi aaya, to jitne bhi nimitt milaane ka prayaas keejiye nahi milenge.

  • If this was a competition, we would not be even in the race, given our present parinaam and kriyas. So, it is good that this is not any competition.

:smile: Just my 2 cents.