Children's Jain Pooja

I live in UK, and we have many children who attend our Mandirji for Pathshala and Pooja. I myself struggle to understand many of the poojas, so for young children, many of whom knowledge of the language is very basic, it is even more difficult. I know that it is best to try and follow the already available Poojas written some time back, but I feel that to give the younger generation an intro to the ritual, in a way they can understand, they need “child friendly” poojas, which they can easily follow with some minimal guidance. Such Pooja should also be shorter than most that we follow traditionally. In particular, the Jaymala is often particularly difficult to follow due to complexity and length.

So, the question is, does any such “child friendly” puja exist - even if written just for their benefit by non learned people (i.e. not Pandits etc.)?

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I would suggest the Pathshala teachers to take Pujan as a chapter once in a while. Because of the following reasons:

  • Children will learn the meanings of new words they come across during Pujan. This knowledge will be helpful for them when they grow up and try to understand it with the same words.
  • This process of learning will inculcate a habit of understanding while reading something in them. They will learn that reading a pujan is not sufficient but understanding its meaning will benefit them.
  • They will learn concepts of Jainism through pujans too.
  • As far as I know, the grasping power of a child is more than that of a grown up. So, don’t fear that they won’t understand the meanings.
  • Reading the old pujans written by poets like Shri Dhyanatrai Ji will teach them history of Jainism. They will get to know that there were some great poets in our Jainism too who could have beat anyone in literary works. Tell them about the life story of these poets. Their stories are surely inspiring.


Combine Pathshala with Pujan:

  • If you take pathshala for half an hour and pujan for half an hour, combine this time in the morning and make it into one.
  • Even the grown-ups don’t understand some vidhaans but we don’t stop reading them. We stop right at the point and a scholar explains the meaning of the lines before proceeding further.
  • Apply the same to children. Make them read 2-4 lines of Jaymala or Puja alternatively and explain the meaning along.

Some books to help you:

Personal Advice:
Jainism is not so tough to be understood by scholars or Pandits only. It can be understood by a child also. Never ever fear the principles of Jainism even if they seem to be difficult.
Everyone here on the forum is ready to help you.
I am not a scholar whatever I have learned is from the Pathshala I went to. So, I believe children across the world can also learn from their Pathshalas.


Though children frinedly poojas can be created, but it may not be as good as traditional poojas because the knowledge of people is decreasing day by day. The traditional poojas were written by people having great knowledge. If a non-pandit writes a pooja, it may have many flaws and it may spread Mithyatva(wrong belief) as the knowledge of that person may be very limited as compared to great people who wrote traditional poojas, even if we try to make new poojas by shortening the existing poojas, we may infer wrong meaning of the actual poojas so it may incur more paap than punya.

I can give you links to the explanation of the poojas in video form in basic hindi.
It may help you to learn the poojas.

24 Tirthankar Pujan
part 1
part 2

Adinath Pujan
part 1
part 2

You can find more poojas and basics of Jainism in very simple language in this playlist

I hope it may help. If you need any furthur help please contact me, I would be more than happy to help you.

It is great to see people trying to learn Jainism living very far from India. Mai aapke is prayas ki anumodna karta hu. If you will learn the meaning of the poojas, you may even help in teaching other too who are eager to learn them.

After trying to understand these poojas, please do let me know whether you were able to understand or not.
You can contact me here in the discussion or may even contact me in on my mail.
My email id is [email protected]