Can we Jains do something for animals not to be killed for food?


I am literally so angry that people nearby my locality come every now and then to capture wandering pigs and take them away in truck like they are nothing. Can we do something not by brute force and not by power of money to save those animals from being killed? Can we change their psychology, I have seen their eyes are full of guilt for doing this heinous act! Can not we Jain do a nationwide campaign or something? Any ideas?? Because we as a youth has much potential to do something for animals!! Please discuss.
Even in Hindu Nation like India 70 percent people are non vegetarian, what a shame for country which is known as a land of ancient monks!!
Please share any genuine advice…



It was in the knowledge of Bhagwaan that days like this will come. We are living in pancham kaal, it is not a pleasant time. Please do not get shocked, even if it would become common to eat human flesh in the upcoming time.

If you want to do something for the animals, you can join “Vegan” groups. They are really doing a very nice work. They are making aware people of the sufferings of animals by doing work like showing them the videos of slaughterhouses or movies like “Earthlings” etc.



If the is guilt inside them, there can be a chance to stop them from doing this kind of work.
You can try convincing them to change their profession.

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I may be getting bad karmas in writting what I am going to write next, but I will still write that.
The world is like this and will remain like this. You can give some of your time for things like this. But don’t get so much involved in activities like this, that you shift you main focus from your main goal i.e. liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

I will also explain this to you from an example.

When Rajkumar Nemi was going for marriage, Narayan Krisna kept animals in a closed place “bada”. After inquiring and knowing that they are to be feed to guests on his wedding ceremony. He got “Vairagya” and took disha. He knew that the world is like this. Even Tirthankaras cannot do anything with the nature of this world.

If I wrote anything wrong unintentionally, anybody can correct me. I would feel happy to get corrected.




M connected with groups like that. I can add you with them if you want.