Books including basics of Jainism

A non-jain wants to know about the basics of Jainism. Which book should I suggest to him? Please do provide the links of ebooks if possible. I also suggested him Jain versions of Ramayana and Mahabharta but I was unable to provide any link of Padampuran. If possible send the link to Padampuran too. I now think he should not read Jain version of Mahabharatha because I think he won’t be able to digest the fact that “Narayan Krishna” is in hell.

You are correct, it is not the correct book to start, it will cause misunderstanding. Balbodh pathmala which is published from Pandit Todarmal Smarak Trust is a good start. But there definitely lacks a book that provides beginners guide for non Jains…may be there such book exists…I do not know.

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One can read explanations of Chhahdhala, Dravya Sangrah , Tatvarth Sutra to understand basics.

Shubham one can also send basic books like -

Jinsarasvati which is a basic book containing all aspects of Jainism in small detail and is written by Muni shri prashantsagarji who is a shishya of Acharya shri vidyasagarji maharaj.

One can also read Prasnottar Ratnamalika but that book concerns more about how one should behave in worldly life but other than that offers nothing in depth about Jain scientific concepts.

I will send you the pdf of both of them in high quality form if you like.

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Please do send them.

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